1260 DAYS

two witnesses - 2 olive trees

Two Witnesses - Introduction

two witnesses - 2 lampstands

The Two Witnesses prophecy and the 1260 days found in Revelation chapter
11 represent an area of great interest for many Christians.

Many anxiously await the arrival of the two witnesses described in
Revelation 11:3-13.

According to Rev 11:4 these two witnesses represent;

             The Two Olive Trees   and   The Two Lampstands.
To clarify the symbolism it is necessary to consider
both the text of Revelation chapter 11 and also the
portrayal of the two olive trees and the one lampstand
mentioned in Zechariah chapter 4.
However, surprisingly the vital clue to understanding the 2 witnesses
prophecy is the period of their witness, ie '1260 days'.

Rev 11:3 mentions 1260 days, but many overlook that Rev 12:6 also uses
the same expression!

Many would be surprised to learn the 'Woman, Child and Dragon' account
found in Revelation chapter 12 is the area of Scripture most closely
connected with the two witnesses prophecy.

What could Revelation chapter 11 have to do with chapter 12? At first sight
these two accounts seem to have nothing in common. (The two witnesses story
appears to be placed in the future and the woman/child/dragon narrative
appears to be discussing the birth of Jesus Christ and the persecution of
the church.)

Yet, these two accounts both quote the period,

'one thousand two hundred and sixty days'.

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