1260 Days in Prophecy

The period of 1,260 days has commonly been thought to refer to a period
of 3.5 years during which will occur the prophesied time of tribulation. 

Commentators have commonly considered all the following terms apply to
this future period of anguish.

       a)  one thousand two hundred and sixty days

       b)  forty-two months

       c)  a time and times and half a time

Such a view is incorrect. In reality each phrase refers to a particular
prophetic period of time.

One should note the term 'one thousand two hundred and sixty days' can
only be found in chapters 11 and 12 of the book of Revelation. The phrase
can NOT be found anywhere else in Scripture!

This common reference to the symbolic period of 1,260 days binds the two
witnesses and the woman/child/dragon stories together. However, Revelation
chapters 11 and 12 have more in common than just the period '1260 days'.

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