Two Witnesses Prophecy Summary

With this new perspective we can now review chapters 11 and 12.


    The Exodus marked the time when Scripture, olive oil, first
    came into existence and when God first brought forth a church
    to reflect His presence.

    These witnesses (Scripture and Church), because they were
    representatives of God, were also granted an element of
    divine protection.

    When their testimony is fully complete God will cause their
    symbolic demise (ie, they will no longer witness). Their
    testimony will be brought to an end in Jerusalem (the symbolic
    city, not the literal city).

    Then a period of tribulation will begin.

    When the time of trial has served its purpose God will raise
    the two witnesses to honour.  


    The planet earth (symbolising Jerusalem above) is seen as a
    woman in a heavenly spectacle.

    This woman gives birth to a male child which is destined to
    rule. (The child is initially the nation of Israel, but in
    the end-time the child is composed of the elect.)

    The woman after giving birth takes on a literal form as the
    church of God. 

    Forces opposed to the child and the authority of God attempt
    to kill the child and end up bringing God's anger upon a third
    of the stars of heaven. This could be viewed as a reflection 
    upon the fact that when the children of Israel departed from
    Egypt men 20 years and above fell in the wilderness, because
    they did not wholly follow God.  

    The child matures and just prior to the expiry of the 3,500
    years the child challenges and defeats the forces of spiritual
    evil to gain the right to rule.

    The forces of evil angry at their defeat set out to destroy the
    woman and her other offspring. The woman (ie the church) is
    granted special protection (the evil forces are prevented from
    entirely wiping out the church). The woman's other offspring,
    the shepherds and flocks not associated with the child, endure
    the brunt of the wrath of the symbolic satanic forces.    

NB:  When the two witnesses and the woman/child/dragon accounts
     are compared with each other it can be seen the elect ascend
     to 'heaven' (spiritually rather than physically) prior to the
     tribulation, but the two witnesses are not restored until after
     the tribulation. 

The account of the two witnesses and the woman/child/dragon are both
insets into the normal flow of the book of Revelation. These accounts
are placed just prior to the blowing of the seventh trumpet (ie the
last trump) in order to provide an historical view of events leading
up to the establishment of the future Kingdom of God.

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