70 weeks start, Moses

Daniel 9:24-27 - Revised Translation

70 weeks end, a Great City

Virtually all renditions of the 70 weeks prophecy have been tainted by
the 70 x 7 year perspective. A new rendering is necessary.


Holy Scripture Word of God

 Daniel 9:24  Seventy 'sevens' are determined for your people and your
              holy city,

                     to restrain transgression,
                     to seal up sins,
                     to atone for iniquity,
                     to bring in everlasting righteousness,
                     to seal up vision and prophecy
                     and to anoint the Most Holy.

         :25  Know then and understand from the issuing of the word
              to turn and build Jerusalem, up until an anointed one,
              a ruler, seven 'sevens' and sixty-two 'sevens'.

              Again she will be built broad and golden even in times
              of distress.

         :26  And after the sixty and two 'sevens' shall be cut off
              an anointed one and there will be nothing to him.

              And the city and the sanctuary shall overthrow the
              people of an arriving ruler. And his end with a flood,
              up until the end war; desolations are decreed.

         :27  And he shall cause to prevail a great covenant one seven.

              And in the middle of the week he shall make cease sacrifice
              and offering and upon an extremity abominations, a desolator  
              up until a complete destruction.

              And as decreed it shall be poured forth on the desolator. 

Daniel 9:24-27 prophecy seventy weeks prophecy


1)  ''sevens'' - Strong's Ref 7620
    The Hebrew word for 'sevens' found in verses 24 to 26 appears
    in the masculine form. This is not the common Hebrew form of
    this word. This masculine form means seventy groups of
    'multiple sevens'.

    (In the Hebrew text the word 'sevens' is mentioned prior to the
     mention of the applicable number, eg "sevens seventy ...".
     This is not uncommon in Hebrew and apparently reflects that the
     word 'sevens' carries greater importance than the number which

2)  'build' and 'built' - Strong's Ref 1129
    Means to 'build'; it can be translated 'rebuild', but this is
    not its primary meaning. The word appears twice in verse 25.

    [The renderings 'rebuild' and 'rebuilt' stem from the prior
     perceived notion that the prophecy was talking about the
     rebuilding which took place after the Babylonian captivity.] 

3)  'turn' - Strong's Ref 7725
    The Hebrew word means to 'turn', in the sense to 'turn from',
    'turn back', 'turn aside' or 'turn away'. This word does not
    necessarily imply returning to a prior place or state.
    When used as an adverb it means 'again'.

    [This word is encountered twice in verse 25. In the first
     instance it is commonly translated 'restore' and through
     this rendering the meaning of the prophecy was also tainted.
     The second instance of this word is commonly rendered 'again'
     and this is alright.] 

4)  'an anointed one' - Strong's Ref 4899
    Some translations blatantly render an interpretation of the
    prophecy by rendering this word as 'Messiah'. The Hebrew word
    is derived from Strong's reference 4886 and means 'anointed'.

    [The word is found once in verse 25 and once in verse 26.
     Particular care needs to be taken in respect to the verse
     25 reference, which mentions 'an anointed one, a ruler'.
     Initially verse 26 appears to allude to be a positive
     'anointed' entity. However, verse 26 goes on to mention
     a destructive 'ruler'.]

5) 'extremity' - Strong's 3671
    Means 'edge' or 'extremity'. When used in reference to an army
    or bird it can be translated as 'wing'.

    [This word needs to rendered without interpretation. Various
     translations have guessed its meaning and this has not been


1)  'broad' - Strong's Ref 7339
    Means 'width', 'avenue', 'street' or 'area'. It comes from 7337,
    which means to broaden. It is translated 'broad' in the old KJV
    in Song 3:2, Jer 5:1 and Nahm 2:4.

2)  'golden' - Strong's Ref 2742
    The word is associated with a sharp edge used for digging. It
    is sometimes rendered 'threshing' (ie threshing instrument) and
    in the old KJV in Job 41:30 as 'sharp pointed'. The word is also
    rendered 'gold' in Psalm 68:13; Prov 3:14, 8:10,19; Prov 16:16;
    Zech 9:3; because gold is dug with a sharp instrument.

3)  'his'
    The last portion of verse 26 discusses an entity being removed
    by a flood. Most translations indicate the flood brings to an
    end the city and the sanctuary, but in the Hebrew the entity
    last mentioned is the 'ruler'. Grammatically it appears the
    rendering "And his end ..." is to be preferred. (This view is
    also supported by the latter part of verse 27.)

4)  'prevail' - Strong's Ref 1396
    Means to 'be strong' or 'strengthen' and by implication means
    to 'prevail'.

5)  'great' - Strong's Ref 7227
    Means 'abundant'. It can be a reference to quantity or quality.

6) 'complete destruction' - Strong's 3617

    This word means 'completion' and 'destruction'. It carries
    the idea of a full and utter consummation. This word differs
    from the Hebrew word for 'end' encountered twice in the latter
    portion of verse 26.
scripture opened

Preconceived notions have inflicted significant damage upon all bible
translations of this text! The consequence of this has been to hide
from view another interpretation.

This interpretation is discussed further in the following pages.  


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