The 600th Year of Noah


Noah lived 350 years after his 600th year to reach the age of 950 years.
Gen 9:28-29.

To determine the year in which Noah died and to better understand the
Flood chronology it is necessary to consider the chronology of Noah's
600th year.

A)  Noah was in his 600th year of life throughout the duration of
    the Flood!

        Gen    7:6  Noah was six hundred years old when the
                    floodwaters were on the earth.

    This means Noah's birthday had to fall between,

          the 1st day of the 1st month (when the Flood ended)


          the 17th day of the 2nd month (when the Flood started).

B)  The date of the completion of the Flood is not apparent from most
    available translations, but the following clarifies the issue.

        Verse 13  -  1st day of 1st month - 'waters were dried'
        Verse 14  -  27th day of 2nd month - 'earth was ashamed'

        In verse 14, the Hebrew word commonly translated as 'dried'
        actually means 'ashamed'. The word is commonly used in
        respect to a river becoming dry. However, in this verse,
        the subject is not a river but the 'earth'. The only
        reason the earth would have for being 'ashamed' is if it
        was unable to yield an early grain harvest by this date.    

C)  The following verse can be confusing.

        Gen    8:13  And it came to pass in the six hundred and
                     first year, in the first month, the first day
                     of the month, that the waters were dried up
                     from the earth; ...

        This verse may seem to indicate that
        at this time Noah was 601 years of
        age. However, it is merely stating
        that the following new year had
        begun. This year being the 601st
        calendar year of Noah's life, he
        being still in his 600th year.

D)  The following table illustrates Noah's 600th year.

                          ---  START  (between 01/01/600-17/02/600)
                           |    -  Flood began 17/02/600
    NOAH'S 600TH YEAR      |
                           |    -  Flood ended 01/01/601
                           |    -  Arphaxad born
                           |    -  Shem ends 100th yr
                          ---  END  (between 01/01/601-17/02/601)

Since Noah's 600th year covers the early portion of the first year
following the Flood, Noah who lived a further 350 years would have
died in the 351st year (following the Flood), if he died toward the
end of his 950th year.

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