Creation to
The Calling of Abraham


The Bible provides the following information in relation to the Creation to
calling of Abraham period.

FROM GENESIS 5:3-31,7:6,11,9:28-29

                     * Fathered *   * Thereafter *    * Total *

        Adam              130            800             930
        Seth              105            807             912
        Enosh              90            815             905
        Cainan             70            840             910
        Mahalaleel         65            830             895
        Jared             162            800             962
        Enoch              65            300             365
        Methuselah        187            782             969
        Lamech            182            595             777
        Noah to Flood     600            350             950


                     * Fathered *   * Thereafter *

        Shem                2
        Arphaxad           35            403
        Salah              30            403
        Eber               34            430
        Peleg              30            209 
        Reu                32            207
        Serug              30            200
        Nahor              29            119
        Terah              70

These figures need to be adjusted for the following.

A)  Many people when assembling the chronology of the Creation to Abraham
    period do not take into account the effect of accumulated months.

    The way years are counted in English, a persons age is determined
    on the basis of how many full years have one has lived. However, in
    the bible a persons age is determined according to the year of the
    life they happen to be living! An example of this can be seen in the
    verses mentioning the age of Noah.

         Gen   7:6    Noah was six hundred years old when the flood
                      of waters was on the earth.  
               7:11   In the six hundredth year of Noah's life in
                      the second month, the seventeenth day of the
                      month, on that day all the foundations of
                      the great deep were broken up, and the
                      windows of heaven were opened. 

    This can have the effect of overstating the actual number of years
    which have elapsed.

B)  The English terms 'begot' or 'father of' found in Genesis should be
    rendered 'fathered', it does not mean 'will begot' or 'will father'. 
    It refers to when the child is born!

C)  Genesis 11:10 indicates Shem fathered Arphaxad 2 years after the Flood.
    However, Genesis 11:10 also states Shem was only 100 years of age when
    Arphaxad was born.
    Since Genesis 5:32 states Shem was born when Noah was 500 years of age,
    Noah can be no older than 601 years when Arphaxad was born.
    That is Arphaxad had to be born after the Flood, in the second year,
    that is to say in the year immediately following the Flood.

    [NB: 1) The word translated 'two' in Gen 11:10 is Strong's reference
            8147 which can also be rendered 'second' as in 1Kings 15:25,
            2Kings 1:17, 14:1, 15:32, Daniel 2:1, Haggai 1:1 and
            Zechariah 1:1. ]

D)  Since Methuselah lives to 969 years of age (or 968 years in English
    terms) and can not outlive the start of the Flood, this has to be
    taken into account when calculating the years elapsed. 

Taking the above into consideration and converting the numbers to the
English form of counting provides the following;

                        * Adjusted *

           Adam              129
           Seth              104

           Enosh              89
           Cainan             69
           Mahalaleel         64
           Jared             161
           Enoch              64
           Methuselah        968        1,648

           To Flood ended      1            1

           Shem                -
           Arphaxad           34
           Salah              29
           Eber               33
           Peleg              29 
           Reu                31
           Serug              29
           Nahor              28
           Terah              69          282
                                        1,931  full years

To this must be added the age of Abraham when he was called by God to
enter the Promised Land of Canaan.

Genesis 12:4 indicates Abraham was 75 years old when he departed from
Haran and entered Canaan. However, a more literal rendering of this verse
reads as follows;

     Gen   12:4    And Abram a son of five years and seventy years
                   when he departed from Haran. ....   

In Genesis 12:4 it is not necessarily wrong to translate the Hebrew as 75
years, but the verse can also be understood to be saying Abraham was at this
time a son (builder) of both 5 years and 70 years!
(NB: God sometimes uses the Hebrew term 'son' to  refer to the number of
     years since He has called a person. Refer 1Sam 13:1 in the NKJV.
     This situation is also encountered in relation to the age of Joseph
     when he appeared before Pharaoh (Gen 41:46), this is discussed later.) 

[ NB: 1) In other words this was the 70th year since Abraham's birth and
         the 5th year since God had first called him.
      2) Refer 

      3) It is not unusual in Genesis for the lower number of years to be
         stated before the greater value, but it is unusual for this form
         to be encountered in conjunction with the term 'son of'. ]

Abraham was 70 years old when he departed from Haran (in English terms,
69 years old).

                                              * Adjusted *

       Creation to birth of Abraham                1,931

       Age of Abraham when he enters Canaan           69
                                                   2,000  full years

Therefore, the minimum number of years which could have past prior to the
calling of Abraham to enter the land of Canaan was 2,000 years!

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