sunset - 'between the evenings'?

The Passover Example

midnight - true biblical/Jewish day!


    Lev   23:5   On the fourteenth day of the first month at
                 twilight (between the evenings) is the LORD's

We can easily gain a starting point for this observance.

    Deut  16:2   Therefore you shall sacrifice the Passover
                 to the LORD your God, from the flock and
                 the herd, in the place where the LORD chooses
                 to place His name.
            :6   ... there you shall sacrifice the Passover
                 at twilight (evening), at the going down of
                 the sun, at the time you came out of Egypt.

        [ This reference to their departure from Egypt is a reference
          to when they started to cross the Red Sea, Exodus 14:21-22. ]

Having seen that the LORD's Passover is an event which begins with the
'sunset evening' it is apparent the second evening must be some time
after sunset! This means that any conjecture that the missing evening
could occur at 3.00pm, or at any time prior to sunset, can be eliminated.   

In 2 Chronicles 35:1-19 we find a detailed description of the temple
Passover. We can see in verse 14 that the animals (which included cattle,
verses 7-9) were slaughtered (and the appropriate offerings made) up until

    2Chr  35:1   Now Josiah kept a Passover to the LORD in
                 Jerusalem, ...

            :14  Then afterward they prepared portions for
                 themselves and for the priests, because the
                 priests, the sons of Aaron, were busy in
                 offering burnt offerings and fat until night;
                 therefore the Levites prepared portions for
                 themselves and for the priests, the sons of
            :15  ... Also the gatekeepers were at each gate;
                 they did not have to leave their position,
                 because their brethren the Levites prepared
                 portions for them.
            :16  So all the service of the LORD was prepared
                 the same day, to keep the Passover ...

Nightfall was not the end of the Passover observance, but rather its
beginning! There was a need to ensure all concerned, including the
singers and gatekeepers, were handed a portion of the meat prior to
the start of the ceremony. 

[ NB: The animals to be eaten at this ceremonial Passover were
      slaughtered during the daylight hours prior to sunset.
      Please refer,
      In this respect this Passover differed from the family Passover
      (observed the prior night) where the lamb was killed 'between
      the evenings', Exod 12:6. ]

The completion time for the observance of the LORD's Passover was

       Deut  16:7   And you shall roast (boil) and eat it
                    in the place which the LORD your God
                    chooses, and in the morning you shall
                    turn and go to your tents.

       [ 'Morning'?  This may at first appear to be saying that
         this Passover finished at sunrise, but it actually finished
         at the arrival of the latter 2nd evening (ie, the evening
         which marked the completion of the 'between the evenings'
         NB: 1) This Passover night represented the first of seven
                sequential nights of celebration and those who
                took part in this observance did not stay awake and
                celebrate from sunset to sunrise for seven sequential
             2) Like the term 'evening' the term 'morning' refers to
                two points in a 24 hour period. The 1st morning being
                the same as the 2nd evening. The latter 2nd morning
                being sunrise. ]


Let us consider when the family Passover ended.

    Exod  12:10  You shall let none of it remain
                 until morning, ...
            :21  ... Pick and take lambs or
                 yourselves according to your
                 families, and kill the Passover
            :22  ... And none of you shall go
                 out of the door of his house
                 until morning.
            :29  And it came to pass at midnight
                 that the LORD struck all the
                 firstborn in the land of Egypt,
The lamb was to be eaten before midnight. At midnight the firstborn males
of Egypt were killed and this ended the Passover observance. Verse 22
states that no one was to go out of their house until 'morning', but this
'morning' was not sunrise! Note, that when Christ and His disciples kept
this Passover they departed for the Mount of Olives many hours before
sunrise. Once the angel had passed over at midnight there was no longer
any need to refrain from leaving one's house.     

  [  NB: Exodus 12:10 refers to a 'morning' when the non-edible
         remains of the lamb would be burnt. The 'morning' in
         this case would be sunrise! Those who observed this
         Passover ceremony would normally go to sleep after
         midnight and rise around sunrise to burn the remains
         of the lamb.  ]

The examples of the Passover observances, the temple Passover and the
family Passover, indicate that the term 'between the evenings' defined
the time between sunset and midnight.


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