You are on a journey.

Be careful !

On this journey, strange as it may seem to you now, your enemy is
not the non believer, unless they are openly antagonistic. Respect
their reservations and criticisms and understand their disdain.
Their cold-hearted realism will actually help you at times.

Before you on this journey are more dangers than you realize and
very few of faith will reach the 'Promised Land'.

As you journey through this wilderness you will find many persuasive
teachers and conflicting teachings. You have entered the land of
confusion, called Christianity.

You have two weapons.

FIRSTLY COMMON SENSE. Never, ever let go of her. She is your only
hold on reality. Like a compass she will always point you to God.
Be extremely wary around those who would wish you, in the name
of religion, to loosen your hold on her.

SECONDLY SCRIPTURE. Do not be deceived, this weapon is not for the
unskilled. You must master this weapon! Be advised your enemy, in
your midst, will use it against you, to ensnare you in falsehood
and take away your freedom. Only a stronger understanding will in
the long-term protect you.

In your journey expect discouragement. The journey is long and hard,
many of the friends you meet along the way will have grown tired or
comfortable, and not join you as you progress. Be diligent and
persevere remembering rewards belong to those who overcome.

Your enlightenment and opportunity to serve is in your hands. Don't
be overly concerned about those who fall in the wilderness or never
start on the journey. God is just, and in His due time He will bring
all before His 'Promised Land'. Nevertheless, you yourself redeem
this opportunity, that you may be amongst those who will reflect
the glory of God.


Finally some advice in regards to Scripture.

     1) Avoid becoming narrow minded. Do not make your ideas,
        your minister or your church a god! Explore the thoughts
        of others honestly, not letting your own pride prevent
        you from seeing truth.

     2) Be aware that Scripture was designed to trap those who
        will allow themselves to be deceived. Surface meanings
        are deceptive. The disguised use of symbolism has caused
        many to fall into foolishness!

     3) No scriptures are to be viewed in isolation. All are
        pieces of a very complex jigsaw puzzle. In the persistent
        exercise of your faith assemble these with care, and
        expect to see that which you have never seen or even

     4) Remember always, the creator of this universe is the
        author of Scripture. That His wisdom is buried deep
        within it, out of sight of those who would treat His
        word lightly or believe in a harsh or nonsensical God.
        By this means He sifts the hearts of those who come to