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   Bible prophecy should not be considered in isolation. Rather it should be
   viewed in conjunction with biblical chronology!  Many prophetic periods
   do not pertain solely to our future, but rather link past biblical events
   to their future equivalents.


The Two Witnesses Prophecy

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The Two Witnesses Prophecy:-
1260 days equal 3,500 years - Exodus to Tribulation
3.5 times/days equal 3,500 days - Tribulation to Kingdom

The Two Witnesses of Revelation chapter 11 are not literal future entities,
but rather symbolic entities which have existed over many millennia.

The Seventy Weeks Prophecy

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The Seventy Weeks Prophecy:-
70 weeks are 70 Jubilees,
the Daniel 9:27 'week' is comprehensive.

The seventy 'weeks' or 'sevens' of Daniel 9:24-27 compose a critically
important bible warning from God to His people. Representing a summary of
the work of God from the time of the Exodus to the future fulfilling of the
great covenant.

The 7 Times and 42 Months Prophecies

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The period in which 'nations'
are placed over the house of Judah.

This period defines the time when the 'nations' (literal then spiritual) are
placed over the house of Judah.
Revelation 11:2 describes this period as a time when the outer court is given
over to the nations. This period also reflects the time during which the healed
beast 'speaks' (Rev 13:5), this being prior to the appearance of the beast from
the earth (Rev 13:11).

The 2300 Prophecy                              

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The 2300 Prophecy:-
The period of 3450 years, being 2300 x 1.5,
the life span of symbolic Jerusalem.

This prophecy alludes to the period of 3450 years, from the establishment
of the work of God to its future destruction. The period equates to the
last 69 'weeks' of the 70 'weeks' prophecy.

The Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Prophecy

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Mene Mene Tekel Upharsin Prophecy:-
300 silver shekels x 20 = 6000 years
100 gold shekels x 20 = 2000 years.

A definition of the limits of God's work at the physical and spiritual levels.

The 1290 & 1335 Day Prophecy

The 1290 and 1335 Day Prophecy:-
1290 days = 2580 years
1335 days = 2670 years.

This prophecy links the final historic falls of the houses of Judah and
Israel to the future falls of the end-time spiritual equivalents of these
two ancient nations.

The 390 & 40 Day Prophecy

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The 390 and 40 day Prophecy:-
390 days = 390 years and 3900 years
40 days  =  40 years and 2000 years.

A prophecy that perceives the fall of Jerusalem in respect to the warning
periods given to the houses of Judah and Israel. The historic periods type
the spiritual message, the predicted future fall of symbolic Jerusalem.
The greater meaning of the prophecy associates the birth of the man Jacob
and the birth of Christianity to the demise of the end-time Jerusalem.


The 120 Years for Man Prophecy(Gen 6:3)

The 120 Years Prophecy:-
'120 years' represent 120 jubilee years = 6000 years.

The Genesis verse 6:3 quotes a period of 120 years and represents the period
of time God would strive with mankind. It is a definition of the time from
Creation to the establishment of the Kingdom of God.

The 400 Years Prophecy(Gen 15:13)

The 400 Years Prophecy:-
Entrance of Abraham into Canaan to close of 6000 years
= 4000 Years.

The wandering of the children of God in the Promised Land. A period which
will only end upon entry into the greater spiritual Promised Land.

The 40 Years (1 Generation) Prophecies

The 40 Years Prophecy:-
40 years represent 40 jubilee years = 2000 years.

An important end-time prophetic period. This bible era is typed by the
40 years the children of Israel wandered in the wilderness.

(This page uses western style counting, where a year is counted upon completion.
To convert to the biblical system, which counts inclusively, add 1 year.)


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