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The book of Revelation is a prophetic summary of events which will swiftly
come to pass in the end-time.

The message of the book of Revelation was presented to
the apostle John in symbolic form. Having been 'signified'
(Rev 1:1), ie 'indicated', through prophetic visions and

To understand the book of Revelation it is necessary to
grasp its simplistic message and relate its symbolism to
scriptures found in other books.
apostle John
Many attempting to explain the book of Revelation incorrectly take a purely
sequential approach, ie;

   7 Seals, 7 Trumpets, 7 Bowls, 1,000 yrs, Judgement, New Heaven/Earth

As a result they confuse the message and end up depicting an excessive
number of separate events.

These pages explain the book of Revelation in the framework of only four
prophetic periods;

            1)  PRELIMINARY

            2)  1ST TRIBULATION / WITNESS

            3)  2ND TRIBULATION / REST

            4)  RESOLUTION

The twofold nature of the period of tribulation is emphasized in other ways
in Scripture. Three important examples are;

    The vision of the 4th beast of Daniel chapter 7.
         1st Period - The beast with 10 horns
         2nd Period - The beast with 7 horns and a little horn

    The great flood.
         1st Period - 150 days of increasing waters
         2nd Period - 150 days of decreasing waters due to the dry wind

         1st Period - sunset to midnight, meat eaten with bitter herbs
         2nd Period - midnight to sunrise, rest

While a double tribulation is presented it is vital to realize that only
the second portion is described as the 'great tribulation'.

When interpreting the book of Revelation it is
critical to identify the existence of symbolic
references. Of these the most important and least
acknowledged are those which refer to the elements
of creation; ie heaven, earth, sea and rivers.
   Heaven - The word 'heaven' in Revelation carries the idea of elevated.
            Symbolically it is those in positions of actual or imputed
            authority over the people of God.
            Gen 37:9  'the sun, the moon, and the eleven stars bowed
                       down to me'
                  :10 'Shall your mother and I and your brothers
                       indeed come to bow down ... before you?'
            Typing the New Testament - Christ, church and 12 apostles.
            Rev  1:20 'the seven stars are the angels(messengers) of
                       the seven churches'
            Stars, are lesser symbolic lights; Ps 148:3, Dan 8:10,
            Obad 1:4, Rev 6:13.
            A symbolic 'New Heaven', Rev 21:1, replaces a destroyed
            former symbolic 'Heaven'.

   Earth  - The word 'earth' in Revelation is Strong's reference 1093,
            meaning soil or region - the firm part of the terrene globe.
            Not the entire planet.
            It represents the general populace of people connected with
            the work of God. His footstool! Refer Isa 66:1, Matt 5:35,
            Acts 7:49.
            The symbolic earth can be shaken (or removed), Psalm 46:2,
            Isa 2:19,21; Hagg 2:21.

   Sea    - In Revelation Strong's reference 2281, implying a salt sea.
            The place or people of the 'nations'.
            Rev  12:12 'woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea'
            Isa  60:5  'the abundance of the sea shall be turned to you,
                        the wealth of the Gentiles shall come to you'
            Jude 1:12-13; Isa 23:11; Jer 5:22,6:22-23,51:42; Ezek 26:5;
            Amos 9:3; Hagg 2:6-7.

   Rivers - Strong's 4215, meaning drinkable running water.
            Teachings, or associated teachers, of the word of God;
            whether pure or polluted.
            John  7:38 'out of his heart will flow rivers of living water'
            Ezek 28:3-5; 32:2,13-14; Isa 5:29-30; Psalm 46:2, 74:13-14.

It is important to realize that the book of Revelation is not predicting
the destruction of the literal heavens and earth! The physical elements
and the lives of people are not endangered!

The book of Revelation is presented in the following manner.
revelation of God's wisdom
    Topic                       Reference

    Introduction                 1:1-20
    Seven churches               2:1-3:22
    Throne of God                4:1-11
    Introduction to seals        5:1-14
    First six seals              6:1-17
    144,000                      7:1-8
    Great multitude              7:9-17
    Seventh seal                 8:1
    Introduction to trumpets     8:2-6
    First six trumpets           8:7-9:21
    Little book                 10:1-11
    Two witnesses               11:1-14
    Seventh trumpet             11:15-19
    Woman/Child/Dragon          12:1-17
    Beasts Sea/Land             13:1-18
    Lamb/144,000 & New Song     14:1-5
    Three Angels                14:6-13
    Harvests                    14:14-20
    Introduction to bowls       15:1-16:1
    Seven bowls/plagues         16:2-21
    Woman and Beast             17:1-18
    Fall of Babylon             18:1-19:10
    Christ versus beast         19:11-21
    Satan and 1,000 yrs         20:1-10
    Resurrection                20:11-15
    New heaven and earth        21:1-22:5
    Conclusion                  22:6-21

 Main Themes:
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Gospels Matthew 24
Mark 13
Luke 21
7 Seals
7 Trumpets
7 Plagues
7 Churches
1,000 Years
3 Angels
Two Witnesses

Woman, Child
& Satan
Red Dragon
Beast - Sea
Beast - Land
False Prophet
New Heaven
New Earth
New Jerusalem


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