Tithing Summary

tithing and God's word

'Spiritual Tithing' replaces 'Physical Tithing'

Despite 'physical tithing' being commonly taught in Christian churches
there is no support for including a corruption of this Old Covenant
principle in the New Testament.

The words of Jesus Christ in Matt 23:23 and Luke 11:42 were merely
confirming the requirement of the Old Covenant as indeed were His
words in Matt 8:4. Christ having been 'born under the law' supported
the Law during His ministry.

We do not find in the example of the apostles mention of any need for
the Gentile churches to tithe or give a fixed percentage. Rather we
observe the apostle Paul suggesting 'equality', ensuring neither the
provider or the receiver should be burdened, was the objective.

Malachi 3:8-12 should be viewed along with the less complementary Amos
4:1-12. It is wrong to use Old Covenant prophetic teaching in their raw
form to try and strengthen the view that literal tithing is required

The notion that the Law was merely a shadow of the
New Testament spiritual 'law' is commonly overlooked.
Churches today do not need storehouses of literal
food, but storehouses of spiritual food. It is time
to build up a heap of scriptural insight!

Although the principle of tithing does not cover the need to financially
support the work, the spiritual equivalent of the following does;

     'You shall not muzzle an ox while it treads out the grain'.

With this principle no fixed percentage applies!

In the book of Genesis only two instances of tithing are provided and
these both involved the receipt of miraculous blessings from God. It
is not clear if tithing was taught from Creation.  

Tithing under the Old Covenant was a complex arrangement which provided
for the support of the priests and other Levites, and food for the third
feast and the disadvantaged. 

Is tithing required today?

Yes, though not a tithe of money, but a tithe of 'spiritual food'!


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